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Cowboy Bob

Shadow Sculpture
Created Oct. 2009
Sold to private collector

This artwork was the first Shadow Sculpture which I created. It is somewhat abstract, althought elements such as the bird and the arm/horseshoe are readily seen in the direct view.

This piece was created in memory of the noted Southern California farrier Bob Nett. It was shown at a memorial hammer-in
for Bob.

This piece matches the structure of an iconic image of Bob, holding a horseshoe.



Shadow Sculpture
Created Nov. 2009

This second Shadow Sculpture was created with my mother in mind: she always loved a house with a white picket fence. This piece is a section of a broken-down picket fence, with various vines covering the remaining fence pieces.

In contrast, the shadow is of a daylily in full bloom.


Lady Liberty

Shadow Sculpture
Created June 2012
Limited edition of 4

With the Fourth of July 2012 coming up, I created Lady Liberty in honor of that holiday. The direct view is of an arc of flags and pennants, waving in the breeze.

The shadow is of the Statue of Liberty.



A Veteran Remembers

Shadow Sculpture
Created Sept. 2012

Inspired by a photograph of an old veteran that included a drawn-in shadow representing that veteran as a young soldier, I created this version of that idea in steel.

In the direct view, we have an old veteran, putting out flags and doing maintenance in an old, run-down veteran’s cemetary. As you can see, the shadow depicts him as a young soldier with his rifle.

One patron who saw this piece was moved to tears, as it related to events in her life.


Desert Dwellers

Shadow Sculpture
Created Jan. 2013

In the fall of 2012, roadrunners became a popular items for me to create -- I produced about a dozen of them for various clients. Looking at one, I realized that the original design could be modified so that it would cast the shadow of another ubiquitous desert dweller, the howling coyote.


A Hard Day at Work (maquette)

Shadow Sculpture
Created Jan. 2013

This piece is a small maquette, welded together. I’ll create the final artwork some time later.

Also, I was unable to obtain a good picture clearly showing both the piece and its shadow, hence the two pictures.

The direct view shows someone working at his desk, with a computer, screen, and other stuff on the desktop. The shadow shows what’s really going on: asleep!

This piece was created to address a challenge by the 4-D art group -- the challenge was “slumber.”


Boy-Girl in Ribbons

Created Dec. 2011

A two-shadow piece! Designed to go into a corner, with two light sources coming from two directions at 90 degrees to each other.

The direct view is of a set of ribbons in steel, flowing in the breeze. As can be seen, the two shadows depict a boy and a girl, looking at each other.

This piece is one of only a few 2-S Shadow Sculptures that I’ve created.


Here’s hoping that you have enjoyed looking at my Shadow Sculptures, and that you’ve found something interesting here.

There are other Shadow Sculptures in my workshop, which will be presented when the opportunity permits.

If there is an idea that interests you, or you have an idea that you would like for me to work out, please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.