Other Art

At RoadRunner Forge, I have the good fortune to get involved with a lot of other creative and interesting people and projects. Here’s a short introduction to some of these other interest areas:


My wife enjoys a wide variety of fiber arts, including creating hand-tatted lace pieces.  I may be the only blacksmith to have work shirts embellished with hand-tatted lace!  Here are a couple of her pieces:



While tatting is my wife’s most recent hobby, she continues to embroider (by hand) anything and everything. At the same time she has once again picked up on an old family tradition of quilting (by machine) and is quilting her embroidery work. Here are a few examples:




Wild Blacksmith

20 Feb 2009

Wild Blacksmith I’ve had fun over the past couple of years creating fantasy images of various activities. This one represents the spirituality of the creative blacksmith/artist.



Brent Bailey Hands

15 Mar 2009

Brent Bailey HandsOne project that I’ve been working on is a series of paintings of working hands -- this one shows the well-known toolmaker and blacksmith Brent Bailey during a California Blacksmith Association demonstration workshop.  He is in the process of hot-punching a hammer head.



Wildflower Book: Welcome to the Blooming Desert

Mar 2007

Book coverMy wife and I had the great fun of putting together this guidebook to our local desert wildflowers. Every spring we thoroughly enjoy the showing of wildflowers in our area, so we documented some of those flowers to help people find them. This book was published by, and is available from, the Maturango Museum in Ridgecrest.