Come and learn blacksmithing! In classes, we do a wide variety of projects, including tools and tooling, blades, and small forged pieces such as bottle openers.

One of the really enjoyable aspects of my life has been forging new blacksmiths. It makes me feel good to see new interests and talents develop and grow.

Generally, I hold a class once a month in my shop. I try to keep the classes small, both so that I can provide the level of personal instruction that I want to provide, and also that the students have good access to the equipment – forges, anvils, etc.

Mostly, I teach the California Blacksmith Association Level 1 Curriculum. However, we often do projects that are well beyond Level 1, so that students learn some more advanced techniques. Month-to-month I try to alternate between doing a project (such as the mason jar handle shown on the gallery page), and doing some form of tools or tooling.

If you want to learn, contact me via the contact form on this website.

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