Recent Highlights

I really enjoy the art of blacksmithing, and try to be in the shop almost every day. Here you’ll find recent activities, and things that are on my mind.

Skull Session:  Class

Skull Session:  Class Class Yesterday:  making skulls.  We made 4 different types of skulls, starting with the flat 2-D skull (on the right in the picture), followed by the skull end on the RR spike (which could turn into a bottle opener, a knife, or...

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Sun Shaman

Sun Shaman:  Is it a glyph-goat (petroglyph goat)?  Is it a shaman?  Is it a sundial? Yes, all three.  This piece, of forged steel, combines two iconic desert petroglyphs:  a shaman and a glyph-goat.  Because I love sundials, I made the time readout be on...

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Shadow Sculpture

Golgotha!  We have three rugged, beat-up, worn down crosses, on the three hills where Jesus was crucified.In contrast, the shadow shows an angel, blowing his trumpet, heralding the resurrection.I was honored and pleased that this piece was awarded Second...

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