Blacksmith Gallery

Here are some examples of forged steel items that I’ve made, ranging from small to large pieces. If you see something that excites you, contact me to explore getting one of your own!

Corner Railing

A traditional blacksmith scrollwork design, this was designed to protect a small dropoff on a patio.

Sammie Sundial

I love making sundials! This was inspired by a work from artist-blacksmith Brett Moten

Welcome Wave Bench

A Visual iAlign Sculpture. As you approach the front door of this house, the work “Welcome” comes into focus just as you reach and touch the front doorknob.

Dance Of Memory

One of my all-time favorite Shadow Sculptures. We have an old gentleman, and an older lady, both clutching their coats as they walk in the wind. The shadow shows their memories of dancing as younger people.

Inside My Head

Another fave – this Shadow Sculpture shows a young man, walking across a bridge in a forest. The shadow shows the fantasy going on inside his head – fighting a dragon.

Us Together

This is a Visual iAlign Sculpture – depending on whether you are on the right or left side, you will see two different images come into visual alignment. Here we have a boy and a girl – together!

High Howl

Showing a coyote in the negative space, and a happy moon in the positive space, this piece is in the Howling At the Moon show at the Mono Arts Council, Mammoth Lakes.

Mason Jar Handles

These have been both a popular craft item, and a popular class project.


This is now part of a commemorative railing, installed in the Fairgrounds in Salt Lake City. My ring was one of several incorporated into that railing.

Butterfly Table

Inspired by nature and by other artists who have incorporated butterfly motifs, I created this work as a centerpiece for the dining area of this home. This is an expanding table, with steel butterflies on each leaf.


This was a piece that I created for a movie that a friend was making. This adorned the entrance to a cowboy bar in her movie.

Garden Gate

This is one of several garden gates that I have made. This one incorporates garden motifs in the center section. The bottom is steel lattice to keep the bunnies out.

Happy Coyote

I repurposed a moon image, one that I had made to replace a collaborative clay piece that was destroyed in the 2019 earthquakes. The clay moon was eventually replaced, so I repurposed the steel moon here.

Angel Star

This is a two-view Visual IAlign piece. From this viewing position you see a star, from a view at right angles to this you see an angel.

Vortex Dragon

This incorporates one of the stunning glass Vortex Spheres by Laura Arns, with a dragon proudly holding it. This was featured in the glassblowing magazine “Flow”.

Us Together

Here we have an Innie-Outie: a piece which has a different image on the outside than on the inside. I made this piece as a gift for two people who were caregivers for a 95-year-old aunt.

Goofy Dog Tongs

One in a series of Funtastical Tongs. Tongs are used by blacksmiths for holding hot material. This one has a goofy dog as it’s design.

Welcome Moons

Featuring clay moons by the noted clay artist Lois Hinman, one of these has a basic welcome sign, the other has a Visual iAlign welcome – it comes into focus when the viewer is in the right spot.

Tong Rack

A happy dragon, a rack for holding Funtastical Tongs.

Veteran Remembers

For Veteran’s Day…