About RoadRunner Forge

Original unique forged steel sculptural images are what I like to create to satisfy client’s needs and interests. My most enjoyable artworks are those which convey a feeling or message to the observer — and hopefully add beauty to our world. For example, Sun Joy which I created for the Ridgecrest, California, Art In Public Places Program, symbolizes the hope, energy, and beauty of the morning sunrise, coupled to icons representing Ridgecrest desert life.

Mike MumfordHaving retired from a successful career working in technology, I now work as an artist-blacksmith, creating sculptural artworks for interior and exterior spaces in steel. I thoroughly enjoy the design, creation, and production processes of these unique custom artworks. My artistic interest and challenge is to create works that show beauty and tell a moving story in an image or scene depicted in the hard, rigid medium of forged steel. Part of the fun challenge of this work lies in the contrast of flow and emotion, depicted in this hard medium.

The artworks that I like to create are hand-forged, using traditional blacksmith processes - working by hand, at the fire (forge) and anvil. Each item is a unique hand-made work. My blacksmith training started with a class from Greg Price at the John Campbell Folk School in North carolina. Following that I have studied with the legendary Frank Turley, and with other notable smiths including Mark Aspery, Gary Brown, and Darryl Nelson.

I rarely maintain a stock or inventory of artworks for sale — I like to get them out into client’s hands, so that they can be enjoyed. I would be most happy to work with you to create a specific item to fit your space, interests, and needs. I love to create! To make something new, which speaks to the observer, is a very satisfying endeavor. In my studio I work alone, so it feels good to be able to communicate through my artworks.

Mike Mumford
Roadrunner Forge
Ridgecrest, Ca