Original sculptural ironwork

Small ButterflyWelcome to the web site for Roadrunner Forge, specializing in original custom forged steel sculptures and ornamental steelworks. As an artist-blacksmith, I specialize in creating forged steel sculptures and other items to meet your specific interests and needs. I like to create new and interesting original items to order.

Rose TrellisesMy operating philosophy at Roadrunner Forge is to combine traditional blacksmith tools and techniques with modern metalwork processes to create unique works for discriminating clients. The art enters as I use blacksmith processes (fire, forging) and tools (hammer, anvil) to execute an aesthetic idea.

I rarely have anything in “stock.” To see examples of my previous work, please explore my web site, then contact me so that I can create something new and unique for you.

Mike Mumford
Roadrunner Forge
Ridgecrest, Ca