RoadRunner Forge

As an artist-blacksmith I specialize in original custom forged steel art, especially forged steel Shadow Sculptures.

About Our Studio

My studio is a state-of-the-art modern blacksmith shop, centered around the forge and the anvil. I have several of each, and enjoy modern tooling such as the power hammer, hand-held air hammer, hydraulic press, and fly press. But at heart, my work is all hand work.

Take a Class!

Several years ago I began teaching
blacksmithing here, and have found that to be very
enjoyable. I welcome students of all abilities,
but focus primarily on CBA Level I classes.

Shadow Sculpture

In recent years I have begun to focus primarily on Shadow Sculptures and related forms, including various types of Visual iAlign Sculptures. I have found these to be very challenging and enjoyable. Jump to my Shadow Sculpture page to learn more!

What’s New – Recent Highlights

On this blog page I’ll post summaries of things that have excited me!

Artwork For Sale

Go see what I have available!

California Blacksmith Magazine

For about ten years, I have been the editor of the California Blacksmith Magazine, for the California Blacksmith Association. This has been rewarding for me, allowing me to meet and learn from many superb blacksmiths.

- Mike Mumford

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Ridgecrest, CA

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